Saturday, October 2, 2010


its magic. new posts. who would have thought. surely, not the innocent children whose virgin eyes happen to glare upon this shitty blog mess. well here, i'll post a few more posts for a few days. hope someone appreciates this. why, does anyone read or write blogs? who really cares about this shit, anyways? i guess all of us that look at blogs need to feel like we're connected with something. but are we really? dosen't it also make it so some of us feel less connected with people who don't read blogs and don't take finding hot new music as serious? honestly, i don't really give a shit about most music i listen to. i mean yeah i like the music i find on blogs but, it dosen't do anything for me. for me it's kind of a new form of radio. i download some shit, listen to it when i'm in the mood, and then forget about it when i wanna forget about it not when some blog tells me it's not coooool anymore.

do some people really think that the music they listen to is better than what others listen to?
music is something personal. what ever someone wants to listen is the best music for them. right?

fuck all of this. fuck life. fuck boring typical rants. fuck saying fuck to express yourself. i hate life.

please keep reading this blog. it will make you a better person.

i think i'm gonna get drunk. yeah, i think that might help.

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